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Effective relief for TMJ pain

TMJ solutions for long-term relief

TMJ disorders can cause significant discomfort, affecting your ability to chew, speak, and even sleep. At Baldwinsville Family Dental, we offer Dental Botox as a targeted treatment to relieve TMJ symptoms, providing you with a pain-free life and improved jaw function.

Our personalized TMJ treatments aim to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and restore your jaw’s natural movement. Consult our Baldwinsville TMJ dentist today to start your journey to relief.

Why choose Baldwinsville for TMJ treatment…

  • Targeted relief for TMJ pain
  • Improved jaw function and comfort
  • Minimally invasive treatment option
  • Personalized care tailored to your needs
Baldwinsville Family Dental tmj treatment

TMJ treatment at Baldwinsville Family Dental

Your customized TMJ treatment begins with a thorough consultation with a Baldwinsville TMJ dentist to assess your symptoms and determine the best approach. Using Dental Botox, we offer a precise and effective solution to relax the muscles causing your discomfort.

Our Approach

  • Evaluate your TMJ symptoms and overall dental health.
  • Discuss the benefits of Dental Botox for TMJ relief.
  • Administer Botox injections to target and relax affected muscles.
  • Provide follow-up care to ensure optimal results and symptom relief.


How long does the relief from Dental Botox last?

Typically, the effects of Dental Botox can last for several months. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain relief and improve jaw function.

Will the treatment be painful?

The Botox injections are minimally invasive and cause little to no discomfort. Most patients report a significant reduction in pain after treatment.

Are there any side effects of Dental Botox?

Side effects are rare but may include mild swelling or bruising at the injection site. Our team will ensure you are fully informed and comfortable throughout the process.

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