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Baldwinsville Emergency Dentistry

Same-day Appointments Available

Don’t wait to get the care you need

There is no need to suffer through dental pain. At Baldwinsville Family Dental, we offer same-day appointments to ensure our patients are always well taken care of even if they’re facing an emergency.

Get in touch with us today! We block off time every day just for emergency appointments!

NY baldwinsville family dental emergency appointments

Are you experiencing a dental emergency right now?

After-hours and weekend emergency appointments available

No matter when you experience a dental emergency, you can trust that your friends at Baldwinsville Family Dental have you covered. We always have a Baldwinsville emergency dentist on call — even on nights and weekends. Get in touch for availability.

Call: (315) 638-0276

Emergency Dentistry at Baldwinsville Family Dental

When you come in for your emergency appointment, we’ll focus on getting you back to feeling like yourself. We always make sure to stabilize your health and relieve pain at your appointments. We’ll then treat you if time allows, or schedule a follow-up appointment in the coming days to treat any underlying problems.

What To Expect

  • A conversation with your Baldwinsville emergency dentist about any issues you’ve been experiencing
  • A review of your oral health history and a full examination with x-rays 
  • Treatment recommendations, along with a full explanation of treatment costs
  • Answers to all of your treatment, finance, and oral health questions 

Dental Emergency FAQs

Can I schedule an appointment for today?

We reserve time in our schedule for emergencies and will always try to get you into our office the same day if possible. We also offer night and weekend emergency appointments for patients!

What should I do if I’m experiencing a dental emergency right now?

Don’t panic! If you’re experiencing a dental emergency give us a call ASAP. In the meantime, take an over-the-counter pain medication to relieve pain. If you’ve lost a tooth, without touching the roots, place the tooth in a container of milk, salt water, or saliva.

Does dental insurance cover emergency appointments?

While all dental insurance plans are different, many plans cover at least part of an emergency visit. Let us know any questions you have about your policy or paying for care! 

Investing in your oral health

We accept multiple insurance plans and several forms of payment, including most major credit cards, CareCredit®, and LendingClub.
Get in touch with our team to learn more about your financial options.

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